I have a very unique problem regarding the Magento configurable product search, here is step by step my problem and looking for some solution and expert advice on how we can implement it.

1- We are going to convert our product in configurable, right now they are simple like iphone with color,size option, clothing products. 2- We are Using Magento Solr Search and Magento Enterprise 1.10 3- Problem area:

1- if user search for “iphone red” or “iphone 16 GB”, user should get Iphone product with RED or 16 GB as default selected into configurable and layered navigation should show “Red” as filter option in color attribute and 16GB as size attribute.

2- On category listing, user should get all color options in layered navigation and single configurable product into product display. we dont want to display all simple products on list/search, to have better product display for user to easily choose products and avoid duplicate data display on page

Please advice.

Thanks, Pankaj

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