Hey guys,
When you are operate a business, there would be many times you have to work with invoice. If you is getting bored with the default Magento invoice function (like me), Magento PDF Invoice Plus would be a nice solution to change your daily task.

The most simple to use and wide range of variables PDF invoice extension at no extra charge.

Our extension requires no technical knowledge, no additional charge! All you have to do is pay one time only, then freely pick-n-click on wide range of variables and one elegant template. The result is an Invoice design that matches your branding and gains Customers’ trust. Order now to see how a powerful extension can be simple to use!
How PDF Invoice Plus can help you?

You can enhance your company image

PDF Invoice Plus helps modify the default Invoice, Order and Credit Memo to make them perfectly “You”. Simply select a Template from our selection, customize it with your own logo, footer, etc. and you can even pick a color scheme that matches your brand in a matter of minutes. You only have to rick and click to create an unique template

With 4 Template options and an easy-to-use color scheme picker, our extension gives you the ability to create unlimited designs to match Magento Invoice with your brand. No complicated coding involved! No extra money required!
You can add free-text fields

By adding Notes or Terms and Conditions to Sales Documents, you will make information clearer and more transparent. For example, if you state clearly that “Please complete your payment within 15 days” on Orders, you may get paid faster.
In Footer, you can place your company’s slogan, branding statement, domain URL, etc.
You can add barcode in the invoice

Adding barcodes to Sales Documents in Magento typically require custom fonts and it’s not an easy task to do. PDF Invoice Plus enables you to configure this in one-single-click. Various types of barcode give you wider and more flexible choices. You can simply insert variables to select information encoded, such as Invoice ID, Customer Name, etc.

You just need one click to print in frontend and backend

PDF Invoice Plus enables customers to proactively access and print Invoices, Orders and Credit Memo whenever they need without waiting for the store owner. Professional, timely invoices will ensure a positive impression to your customers and increase their engagement
So why wait?Build unlimited invoices for your store


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