Social networks have a widespread meaning for each of us. The majority of people has their own account connected at least with one of the social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google (+), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and so on.
How can this possessing of the social account help you in a daily life? It is very easy!
Let your visitors log in, register, or recover password quickly without wasting time.

Our GoMage Social Connector is developed for such a purpose. And this month we are going to introduce you to new possibilities of Social Connector use for Magento stores.

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New release new innovations. Social Connector version 1.1 will help you to:

- Connect with Twitter;
- Connect with Reddit;
- Connect with Tumblr;
- Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Make the login functionality be improved and simplified. Use social networks for your sales benefit and attract customers with fast and easy login into their accounts while purchasing. Save their time and it will be impossible not to notice your care about it. Without wasting much time for the registration and having done the login easily, your customers will spend this saved time for investigation of your Magento store, choosing and purchasing the necessary things.

GoMage Social Connector version 1.1 is waiting for you in order to take place in your sales increasing!

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