Almost every person dreams of trying her/his powers in design. Sometimes people have an amazing taste, but they are unable to express it in a daily life. This desire fills in your soul and you long to become a famous designer, no matter what sphere of life it is, for example, a furniture designer, apparel designer or so on.
You have already heard the proverb: “Tastes differ.” And we are going to support this century statement by creating a powerful design tool.
GoMage Product Designer is the superior extension for Magento which will help you to personalize the products using, cliparts, texts and uploading images.

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Having a wide range of the features, this Magento designer software will help you to write your own style on T-shirts, caps, mugs, mobile phone skins and other things. There will not be a grey crowd anymore. Everybody can express own individuality and show his taste.
The date of a new release is coming and you have a good opportunity to be the first who will get to know about it by subscribing our page.

The subscribers will be surprised with our discounts as to this new release event!

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