This should be a core functions of Virtuemart, and today Netbase releases this plugin to improve your Virtuemart 2.x.x store with this functions.
This function works more likely a Add to Wish List, but on saved products in your cart in stead on products.

How it works:

- Shopper can add products into their cart as normal, and products will be display on Save Cart Module

- At the Save Cart module, shoppers can Save Cart Data into his Virtuemart Profile

- At the Save Cart module, shoppers can Send Email the Save Data to any email address he want.

- If the shoppers has not log-in, the module will ask the shopper to Register or Log-in before can Save cart.

- The Save cart module support Ajax effect on Save cart session, so you do not have to reload the pages while cart is saved into Virtuemart shopper profile

- Only shopper profile can see his save cart data in his front end profile

- A profile can save UNLIMITED Cart into his profile, and can restore any time

- The restore save cart will replace current save cart ( if have), so you can check out with you previsous save cart restored.

- Shopper can put a name for each Cart when he save it, so he know clearly the purpose of his cart This plugin, in fact, will install a plugin + a module into your Joomla Virtuemart.


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