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With the arrival of all these new portable (touchscreen) devices more and more people are switching to their tablet or smartphone for their internet needs. Still most webstores are made only for use on a computer, be it pc, laptop or mac. Lots of these stores have trouble maintaining customers because their site has issues on these new devices.

Trouble showing features on the small screen, layouts looking messed up, slowness and all sorts of issues.

We from Interactivated Ecommerce offer a large number of services in the field of webdevelopment and most importantly Magento webstores. After years of experience in the field of ecommerce we're now seeing this switch in usage from computer to portable device be a big problem for lots of businesses. But don't worry, the solution is easy.

Responsive Webshop Development.
By using a responsive system the website detects the platform you're using and automatically adjusts the page for your viewing and useability pleasure. No more missing features, bad interfacing or slowness for your customers.

If you're interested in using this feature please contact us for your inquiries.

And for the Dutch readers: Responsive Webshop Development

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