Hi everyone,

Magestore is happy to announce that the First and Only Magento Inventory Management Extension that has the easiest stock management and minimizes product loss has been released.

With Magestore Inventory extension, admin will be able to upload products to backend and then keep track of them: which supplier a product comes from and which warehouse it belongs, etc. In that way, it helps eliminate common mistakes arising when you transfer stocks among warehouses and from warehouses to customers.

Main features:

Manage Stock Receiving
- Manage a full list of purchase orders with a lot of information such as time of purchase, warehouse, supplier, Qty requested, Qty Received, Spent Amount, etc.
- Manage a full list of stocks with many data including suppliers, warehouses, etc.
- Purchase stocks and make delivery for many warehouses at the same time
- Can update cost prices from purchase orders when receiving stock
- Can adjust stock to update the exact data of warehouses and the whole system
- Manage all of your suppliers with many info such as products, total spent, total refunded, purchase orders, returned orders, etc.
- Conveniently import a load of products by CSV files when purchasing orders, adding products for suppliers
- Forecast “supply needs” based on which you can promptly create purchase orders

Manage Warehouses
- Manage all of your warehouses with a lot of info such as products, permission, Customer orders, Stock issuing, etc.
- Can assign permissions (edit warehouse, transfer stock and adjust stock) to different admin users like admin, warehouses’ owners
- Can transfer stock among warehouses
- Conveniently import a load of products by CSV files when transferring stocks

Manage Stock Issuing
- Can choose warehouse to ship products to Customers
- View many useful data of Customer orders such as on which store the order is made, from which warehouse it is shipped, its shipping progress and so on.
- Make a request for purchasing more orders when running out of stock
- Access reports on sales, purchase orders, Customer orders, etc.

Visit product page: http://www.magestore.com/magento-inv...extension.html
Demo: http://demo-extension.magestore.com/...ndex.php/admin

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