In this post, there are 2 sections:
  • Module configuration in config.xml
  • Naming classes and files in Magento

Now, let’s start!

1. Module configuration in config.xml

After the module list is loaded, the system will search for file config.xml in the module directory (app/code/[codepool]/[NameSpace]/[ModuleName]/etc/config.xml) to read the configuration of that module. The configurations are placed in the tags Within there can be the following tags:
- modules: tags including configurations for module such as active, depends, version.

<[NameSpace_ModuleName] />

- global: tags, including main configuration for models, resources, blocks, helpers, fieldsets, template, events, eav_attributes, custom_variables. The configurations in this section include basic configuration for module, configuration about folder containing class file for model, block, helper and events that is called (both frontend and admin), configurations for email template…


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