Special promotion with 30% discount

To celebrate ByJoomla reached 1000 fans, we offer you a chance to buy templates and extensions with 30% discount. Just use the code below at check out. Hurry up!

B.Metis PRO: 0d9f8225
B.Metis DEV: 1f585a38

B. Mecury PRO: b27a2b4e
B. Mecury DEV: cce57e89

B. Jupiter PRO: bd608776
B. Jupiter DEV: a031d8bf

BJ Venus/Venus 2 PRO: c3846692
BJ Venus/Venus 2 DEV: bbc75966

BJ Synegy PRO: 90359754
BJ Synegy DEV: 938e9a8f

BJ Slider 2 PRO: f8488b13
BJ Slider 2 DEV: a71c15a0

BJ Slider PRO: 4a73826d
BJ Slider DEV: 7bc1e9f2

The period of sales promotion is from 17th of September to 3rd of October.
We hope that you will love our products and promotion. Don’t forget to tell your friends so they can save as well.

For more details, please visit ByJoomla.com

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