Magento platform provides the wide range of abilities and one of the most important features is the multistore installation. You are able to manage more than one Magento store on a single Magento Installation. All the stores are managed from the same admin panel, but each store frontend has its own URL address. Also, you can choose any variant with catalog. What does it mean? It is easy: you can set up own catalog for each store or you can use the same catalog for all Magento stores. The multistore option on the same Magento Installation provides you with opportunity to have a single Magento hosting account. But, you are correct if you think that Magento multistore is more difficult to upgrade, configure and transfer; it becomes more difficult also if your Magento is heavy customized.

Of course, you consider the installation, upgrading and transferring process to be incredibly troublesome, but not for GoMage experts, who are always ready to help you in your Magento project. GoMage is not only specialized on the best Magento extensions, but can provide you with Magento installation, development, upgrading service and so on.

Moreover, GoMage extensions are the one, which are developed and can be used for multistore installation. It becomes easier to activate the appropriate GoMage extension for all the sites on the same Magento Installation if you have an extra domains option. Choose the check boxes in Activation tab in your Magento admin panel and enjoy using GoMage LightCheckout extension for fast and easy checkout process, amazingly comfortable GoMage layered navigation or incredibly useful FeedPro manager for all the sites on Magento multistore installation.

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