Magento Pet Shop Theme By Cmsmart
Magento Pet Shop Theme | Magento Pet Store Theme

Magento Pet Store Theme is specially designed by Cmsmart to use for pet stores. With amenities and smart design your customers will love your website

Add an impressive design and great of – Pets Store Magento Theme. When you see this unique Magento Theme, you will be attracted and loved it. With striking colors, the beautiful pictures and lovely pets, this is really incredible and charisma.
Building a website that catches the attention of pet parents is essential when selling supplies, specialized services and medications. With our attractive design, you will easily reach the targeted auditory. Four large bright banners with cute pet images catch user's attention and make the navigation visual. Our Magento templates are designed to capture the aura of a site devoted to animals. The owners are ready to spend lots of money on their beloved friends in furs and feathers.
With amenities and smart design your customers will easily find their desired product. Also, there are many other features to will help your customers have more utilities. They can be quickly selected and paid with Quick Shop, Ajax Add product to Cart, drop-down cart, ....and more

Mega menu - Multiple columns menu
Besides using Magento''s default menu, you can also use our expanded menu. With Mega menu you can easily added to your menu of the images, video, text input, and dynamic data. This makes the menu you become rich, eye-catching and so convenient. Add on, your menu can have multiple columns with the dropdowns and you can arrangement to suit the store structure.

Ajax cart + Drop-down shopping cart

Before, the shopping information going through a static block and displayed on a page as the homepage, category page, or detail page. With this new development, the shopping cart block only appears when you hover the mouse to the cart. So you will save more space of the site, plus your guests can view the cart at any page when they want. Beside with built-in Ajax Add-to-Cart extension, your customer can select product to buy without leaving current page, instantly add product to basket. Increase user experience and sales.

Quick-view / lightbox

Interestingly at the home page and category page you can view the product detail but you don''t need into the detail page. Just click on the "quick view" button in the product image. Immediate, product short description, detailed photos and prices of products will be show to customers. Then your customers can continue to see other products quickly. This is very convenient for your customers, it gives them pleasure, you will definitely achieve business efficiency.

Product image jQuery cloud-zoom / Lightbox effect

Product image now integrated with jquery cloud-zoom effects. Easily to view full-size product image. Optional replace by lightbox effect also available.

You have to buy the Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest, Quick View extension, Ajax cart, Mega Menu, Color Watch with Zoom extension and Install separately with Pet Store Theme.


CMSMART is well-known for its dedicated Magento templates, now comes to Magento theme, we also try our best to delivery best features for all our Magento themes. It will takes times before we can develop full theme features for Magento, but from now you still can enjoy our below list of best magento features:

First Magento Theme features - MUST HAVE: Customizable Design

Many magento theme users want to be full control of every element of their website theme, and many magento theme buyers are also magento developers who develop magento website for their clients, so they want to buy a easy customizable theme to adapt any kind of adjustment.

First is color changes with color pickers can be done will almost every element of website, from text, menu, footer, title, toolbar, navigation, price...Second is applying textures for header, footer and for the entire page, upload background image and configure its properties (position, repeating, attachment), change font and font-size, and many many more.

A flexible colors control system which allows to control every pixel of your theme and set completely different color schemes for different means Unlimited Colors for your themes.

Powerful Home Page Presentation

Want to be impressed from the first sight with home pages of your magento themes? Yes every one want, so we often equipped with a attractive multi - effect front page sliders. Your magento theme will become valuable and eye - catching with good promotion banner, or feature products banner and the front page slider can highlight it up.

A fully customizable Slideshow comes with flexible slideshow that allows to adjust content alignment, width, slideshow height or even make it fluid. Also you can change transition effects, speed, timing, etc. More orver, Slideshow comes with touch navigation for mobile, and you can set slideshow to be displayed on every store page with Global slideshow option.

More over, a home page need flexible adjust in layout. It will be best if you can choose the layout of the home page: one, two or three columns. Display custom content in multiple sidebar blocks. Enable/disable Magento's default sidebar blocks

Moreover, what we need to have is:

3 HTML modules right of Slider Module to display any information like Promotion, Special Discount, Delivery shortcut...
Magento Latest Products module with "New" icon on Front Page
Magento Promotion Products module to display discounts and dollar amount saved, a "Promotion" icon included
Magento Featured Products module to display "your highlighted" products on FrontPage

Effective Product Detail Pages

Clean and readable product page - your customers can easily find all important information. Configurable width of the main columns, prominent brand logo (with link to other products), product image (customizable size) with Cloud Zoom and lightbox, tabs smoothly turning into accordion on narrow screens, additional custom tabs and CMS blocks, sliders for related and up-sell products, social bookmarks, customizable product options... In short - adjust product page to suit your needs.

Change size of the product image and thumbnails on product page. You can choose any size and keep aspect ratio of the image (no need to use square images).
Brand logo on product page. Logo can be a link to any page (to category with products from that brand, to search results or to any CMS page). Alternatively brand names (simple text) can be displayed instead of logo images
Cloud Zoom + Lightbox to enlarge product images. Use one of those methods or both at a time
Image gallery - enable/disable gallery mode in the Lightbox
Tabs/accordion - tabs smoothly turns into accordion on lower screen resolutions
"Additional Information" tab for individual product attributes - create and display custom product attributes
2 tabs for custom content - ready to display any static content: info about shipping, returns, sales, promotions or any other general information
Tabbed reviews - show product reviews on product page to improve SEO
Replace Related Products and Up-sell Products blocks with custom content. Replace completely or replace only if the product does not have any related/up-sell products. Or disable those blocks completely with just one click
Product sliders for Up-sell Products and Related Products. Now you can select as much related and up-sell products as you want
Social Media Share for each product
SEO friendly URL support
SEO keyword, meta tag, meta keyword support
Add-to-cart Notification pop up support

Display product in List or in Grid

Also, we have below features on Product Listing page:

Product hover effect to bring fancy love effect to shopper when broswering many product
Magento Product Quicklook in product listing page
Banner in left, right or top, bottom to display whatever you want to do with your banner
Magento Product Filter module

Designs of Template Concept:

PSD design of Home Page (top header, product module, banners, main sections, footer...)
PSD design of Template Module Position
PSD design of Product Detail Page
PSD design of Product Listing Page ( in Gird or List style)
PSD design of Magento Cart Check Out Page
PSD design of Magento Ajax Drop Down Cart
PSD design of Magento Ajax Product Seach
PSD design of Magento Mega Menu
PSD design of Logo
PSD design of Banners used in Demo site
All Images of Demo Products
...other designs and files included

Header of a good Magento Theme

Top Hotline number of your store on top bar, this can be replace with any customer services number (optional)
Top Live Chat Icon to open live chat module (optional)
Useful User Menu such as: You account, Profile, Register...which almost all user have to use when they do shopping on your site
Magento Currency converter module to switch between currency
Magento Languages switcher module to chose international languages (not all shop needed)
Logo is supplied with PSD files and can be replace easily with your own logo
Magento Ajax Search to use keyword as product name and instant suggestion of result with product thumbnail
Magento Ajax Drop Down Cart to instantly display any "added-to-cart" product. A list of all in-cart products is drop down when hover your mouse and have a button to check out page
Magento Powerful Megamenu which can add columns of menu links, product images, video demonstration...

Footer section of a good Magento Theme

Video Module and Video Management System to facilitate the video marketing and product video demonstration
News Section to display latest market, product news, blog items can also be used the same way
Magento Manufacturer module with Logo display to link to each brand list of products
Multiple static module position in column at footer to display shortcut links
Payment icons to show up your payment policy
Newsletter module included to help on users Subscription

For Magento Check Out Page

Magento Product Delivery included
Work with One Page Check Out layout ( you have to buy this plugin separately )

CSS & HTML coding

LESS CSS compilation powered by lessphp reduces overall requests while making CSS development more powerful and intuitive
Built with CSS3
Well-comment CSS and PHP code files
Optimized code for search engines which helps in SEO
Multiple column ( main, left, right, top, footer, bottom, banner, inner, users...up to 65 module positions depend on template itself)

Documentation and Support

Multilanguage is 100% compatible
Delivered with "QuickStart Package" with Demo data ready
Delivered with PSD files.
Fully tested and works great with all modern web browsers: Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, IE7,8,9,10, Safari
6 month new versions updates for Free
Lifetime ticket support ( at here )
Fully support public forum

Easy Install Sample Data

No one want to border passing many configuration to set up their website, especial small Magento shop owners who do not have experiences and skills in PHP or Magento configuration. With the option to install sample data after you bought a Magento Theme, the cost of time is effective now. Get what you saw on the demo site on your own domain and servers, and can learn quickly the ready to use data.

Downloadable files included with your Magento Themes

Theme Package - Magento 1.5.x
Theme Package - Magento 1.6.x
Theme Package - Magento 1.7.x
User Guide Documentation .pdf
8 layered PSD Files
4 images for SlideShow
3 images for Background

Compatibility with Magento version,,,,,,,

Detail: Magento Pet Shop Theme

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