Dear all Magento friends,

According to the Western conception, Friday is considered the most unlucky in a week and the 13th is the worst day of a month. This combination leads to a great fear that anything dangerous or not good can come on such a day.

Whether this fear is just a superstition or unsubstantiated still remains a mystery that scientists cannot find a proper answer. Whatever the answer is, we should direct our negative thoughts into positive to reduce stress & avoid unexpected accidents.

We are writing to send our warmest heart to you. Wish all of you a happy day without any fear!

To express our sincerity, we’re going to offer you a special promotion on Friday the 13th. Simply, go to our Magebuzz store, then add one of two extensions including Mageticket or Ajax Login to your cart and enjoy 30%-off & 15%-off discount respectively.

P/S: It's only-one-day discount, so get it right away if you like these two modules!

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