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How to setup Magento multiple stores

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    Default How to setup Magento multiple stores

    Today I’ll explain how to setup multiple stores with different domains in a single installation of Magento.

    Step 1: Add new root category for new store.

    Go to Catalog > Manage Categories then click on “Add Root Category” to create new root category for each website. You set it to active and anchor.
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    Step 2: Create new website and store

    Go to “System–>manage stores” to create new websites, new stores and new store views
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    Step 3: Set template for new website

    Go to “system–>configuration” then choose the new website in “store select”, afterwards click on “Design” tab.
    Step 4: Edit index.php

    The most important part is: editing the content of index.php file. Open the file and find the following line at the bottom of file:

    Comment this line and add some new lines:

    switch($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) {
    //second website
    case '':
    case '':
    Mage::run('second_website_code', 'website');
    //another website
    case '':
    case '':
    Mage::run('another_website_code', 'website');
    //main website

    To customize this code to meet your own needs, just replace the domain names with your required domains, the website codes with your own website codes (in this example it’s the second_website_code

    Mage::run('second_website_code', 'website');

    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks for this detailed explanation this might help so many newbies and readers. There is also one more source for it to set up multi-websites on your Magento store. Please read:


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