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4 tips to use Banner Slider

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    Default 4 tips to use Banner Slider

    Magento Banner Slider is one of Magestore's Free Magento Extensions. This extension has the highest scores and reviews in Magento Connect in terms of Banner Management.

    What should remember when using rotating banner?

    1. Banner’s Colors and Dimensions: Every website has a predefined theme before adding banners. Therefore, banner’s colors should be chosen carefully so that all images harmonize with the background color. You don’t want the most significant section of your site look unprofessional, right? Besides, the sizes of every image must be the same, never forget to tell your designer the standard size of your banner. The rotating banner should be set on a strategic position for you to enjoy its full benefits. You may test A/B to decide which position converts the best.

    2. Reading speed of visitor may vary. Some readers may read all of the text from a slide way before the rotation occurs and have to wait, others may not even finish all of the reading content and then get frustrated that they missed what they wanted to finish reading and ultimately leave.

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    3. Content written within your rotating banner are almost completely invisible to search engines. So you will want to make sure that if the content within your rotating banner is important for your SEO campaign, that you are also discussing this information elsewhere.

    4. Will it be easy? Will it be something that your in-house web person can manage? Will you need to go back to the web designer each time you want to change the banners? Having a rotating banner that you can easily manage is ideal and most designer should be able to make this happen for you. And if your site is using Magento platform, Banner Slider is just the ideal tool for you: free and professional.

    Banner Slider has just been upgraded to v3.0.0 with many POWERFUL functions:
    - Easy banner / slider management
    - Up to 36 positions to show sliders
    - Many special slider modes like note, popup, etc.
    - Useful reports on banner clicks / impressions

    A FREE & POWERFUL extension is nowhere else to find. Why don’t you give a try? FREE DOWNLOAD NOW

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    Agreed! Magento banner slider increases your sales conversion by displaying the offers, discounts, special products in the banner and redirecting to the particular landing page. Read more here @

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    By using banner you can display your advertise, your new campaign, your feature products or campaign etc. So, Banner Slider is very useful for Magento site.


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