Low conversion rate? Properly adding product labels can help. With call-to-action texts and creative and interesting label images attached to your product images, you can orient your customers by drawing their attention to some specific products. Using labels in proper way can fasten customers decision making process. Below are some tips for using product labels effectively.


1. Call-to-action texts: Use words that really work and stimulate customers to buy as Buy 1 get 1 free, 10% off, New, Best Seller
2. Highlight outstanding product attributes or give customers more details of the products in the labels. They can be products materials like 100% natural or product origins like Made in UK.
3. Product images may be enhanced with brand logos. You can put the brand logo into the labels. That helps customers easier to find what they want in the short time.
4. Define which customer group you are targeting to use suitable labels. They are new customers or returning customers. Label New will surely attract returning customers while new and potential customers will be impressed by Best Seller or Top rated label.


1. Add 1 label to almost products. Or even add labels to all product images. You should label a reasonable percentage of products and update these labels frequently. This could more effective in attracting customers to the products that you want to boost sales. You know, if all are special, none is special.
2. Use complicated texts or uncommon words. Use familiar works with customers such as On sale, New arrival, Hot, New instead.
3. Use long texts. Youd better keep your labels as short as possible and concentrate on the main purpose.

Product labeling is an e-commerce tactic that may increase your conversion rate by up to 55% while it costs just a little time and money. Moreover, there is Magento extension that helps create and manage labels on your web store easily. Magento Product Labels by Magestore can be your perfect choice. Please visit Product Page for more details.

Install the module and try these tips! Why wait?

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