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Get customers return to your store by using Magento Reward Points

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    Default Get customers return to your store by using Magento Reward Points

    Customer loyalty is highly important to any online store owner as it leads to repeated sales and ultimately a satisfied customer. There is nothing more rewarding for a customer than to receive a gift or something for nothing. Simply, human always love free in their mind. Provided that I can spend on a product now and get a discount, Ill be more inclined to make the purchase.

    So as a store owner, how do we encourage customers to purchase with us again and again?

    In my opinion, this incentive is divided into three parts including a high-quality product, a pleasant purchasing experience and a reward to customers for their visiting or buying from your store. I am sure that you already offer your customers a great product and friendly purchasing experience, so what about the reward?

    Introducing Reward Points by Magebuzz

    Our Reward Points extension allows Magento store owners to increase customer loyalty by giving them some reward points for purchases or for certain other actions taken in your online store (like registration, newsletter sign-up, etc). By this way, Reward Points can be regarded as a form of discount at checkout time, contributing to a better customer care and sales volume improvement of your store.

    For admin:

    Support different reward customer behaviours

    Store owners can offer reward points to customers if they have reactions as following:

    - Register for a new account
    - Newsletter sign-up
    - Product Review(s)
    - Adding Tags to products
    - Poll participation
    - Refer friend
    - Purchase of Products
    - Redeeming points

    When setting up your reward points system, you can determine the conversion rate from points to currency. For example, 100 points could be worth $10 on your store. Also, you can set a maximum discount you plan to offer customers for different activities.

    There are two directions that store owners can manage exchange rate:

    Money to point: As soon as a purchase is made, customer will be rewarded with some points equivalent to their payment.

    Point to money: The points that customers are holding will be exchanged to a specific money amount that they can use to buy another product.

    Managing your reward points system

    It is important that your reward points system is easy to manage to ensure customers have an amazing purchase experience. With the intuitive administration system, you can easily see an overview of points earned per-customer and make updates if necessary.

    Besides rewarding customers for their purchases, you are able to give points in other cases like product tag, product review, poll participation, account registration & newsletter sign-up. Especially, when customers request for money refund after their purchase, the reward points will automatically deducted from their account.

    Front-end features:

    A customers current point balance along with recent point history will be displayed in a separate page named My Rewards. These points can be used for all or certain products. Furthermore, customers are also enabled to invite their friends via email to visit your web store and an automatical notification email is sent whenever their points expire or there is any balance update.

    In fact, our Reward Points has gained considerable attention from e-commerce businesses and we are excited to see how you, as store owners, reward your customers and increase your conversions by offering point incentives on your online store.

    If your are interest in this module, never hesitate to visit our site and study more about its cool features.

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    This is a good motivational extension. Advanced Free Promotional Gift With Every Purchase is also a good extension which keep customers hooked up to store. This extension allows store owners to give customers an option to choose free gifts with every order that they make on the e-commerce store.

    Extension Allows Store Owners to Set Minimum Price of the Order

    Store Owners Can Select the Promotional Gifts That Can Be Given Along With the Purchase

    Store Owners Can Add Multiple Products as Free Gifts

    For more details visit:

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    Earn Your Customers...

    Now Make Your Customer More Happy By Rewarding Them For Any Purchase From Your Store With Reward Point Magento Extension..!!!

    Magento Reward Points & Loyalty Program Extension helps you to retain existing customers and to invite new customers to your site. Reward them with loyalty points.

    Magento Reward Points extension developed by SoftProdigy allows you to create a unique loyalty program in your store. Customers can earn reward points for orders in your store and then spend them for new orders. Customers can refer friends and receive points for friend's orders. Customers can earn points for certain actions (e.g. reviews, likes in social media, sign up for the newsletter, etc).
    Allows you to reward your customers for any purchase and any other actions they do in your store, with points which can be redeemed for discounts or any other benefits in your store.
    The extension will easily help you to convert your visitors into loyal and profitable customers who will become your brand advocates in a short period of time, bringing you more and more potential customers.

    Features Of Magento Reward Points & Loyalty Program Extension:

    • Earn Reward points on User Purchase Actions like Purchase,Birthday Purchase, Referral Purchase, Product Review.
    • Earn Reward points on customer activities like Referral, Participation on Poll, Tagging product, Subscribing to Newsletter
    • Earn Reward points by participating in Social Media activity like, FB Like, Twitter and Google Plus Share.
    • Attract customer to spend more and earn more Reward Points
    • Send email alerts to users on various Reward Actions
    • View Report on rewards spend and earned
    • Create rules for user purchase actions
    • View advanced pictorial representation of the reports
    • Reward points on specific product, category and listing page
    • Admin can control the maximum reward points for a day
    • Reward users with Bonus Points for user action and allow them to redeem during checkout

    Frontend Working Of Extension Screenshots:

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    Thanks for the information. Reward point magento extension is the extension which helps to give rewards on every purchase.


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