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Customizing Transactional Emails for Magento

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    Post Customizing Transactional Emails for Magento

    Transactional Emails are all emails sent from a Magento CE store. Magento CE offers flexible, easy-to-use functionality to enable you to customize these emails and translate them into multiple languages to best use them for communication with your customers. This section describes how to modify the emails that are sent from the web store, for example, when an account is created or an order is placed.

    To customize a transactional email template:

    1. Select System > Transactional emails to display a list of the custom email templates created in this web store.

    2. Click the Add New Template button to display the New Email Template page.

    3. In the Template field, select the name of one of the transactional emails that you want to customize, such as New account.

    4. In the Locale field, select the language.

    5. Click Load Template.

    6. In the Template Name field, specify a name for the customized email template.

    7. If desired, modify the Template Subject field.

    8. In the Template Content area, use the WYSIWIG editor to modify the content. You must change the contact phone number and email address as well as the logo image reference at the top of the page to reflect your own store information in all active templates.

    9. Click the Save Template button.

    10. Now that your customized email template is ready and available, the next step is to inform Magento CE that it should use this template to send email to customers instead of the default template. This is controlled in various configuration sections depending on the type of email.

    In our example of customizing a New Account email, select System > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration. Then expand the Create New Account Options section and select your newly customized transactional email in the Default Welcome Email field.

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    Numerous regions of documentation, model article.

    Go to "Framework" - > "Value-based Emails"

    Snap on Add New Template.

    Utilize the "Format" drop down to pick the Magento default that you need to modify.

    Snap "Burden Template"

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    To deal with the conditional messages in Magento 2 go to Admin Panel > Marketing > Communications > Email Templates. At that point, pick an email layout you need to alter or you can add another one by squeezing the Add New Template button.

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