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Magento Offering Free Shipping configuration

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    Lightbulb Magento Offering Free Shipping configuration

    To define free shipping:

    1. Select System > Configuration > Shipping Methods.

    2. Expand the Free Shipping section to enable free shipping with optional minimum order amount

    3. In the Enabled field select Yes to enable the method.

    4. In the Minimum order amount field specify the amount for an order over which shipping is provided free of charge.

    5. In the Ship to applicable countries field, you can select the Specific Countries option to enable access to the field under it in which you can select specific countries, so that free shipping is only applied to the relevant countries or you can select the All Allowed Countries to specify that free shipping is available for users from all countries.

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    Here is a detailed video which explains how to set free shipping and fixed rate shipping with out Shipping Rules extension

    Shipping Rules extension will help you to modify live shipping rates: surcharge, deduct or override rates, provided by carriers. The module features also include:

    - Modify shipping rates according to your business needs
    - Shipping rules based on order and product attributes
    - Modify rates both for the whole order and a single product
    - Change shipping based on customer groups and store views
    - Provide correct rates for LTL freights

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    On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration .
    On the left panel, under Sales , select Shipping Methods tab.
    Open the Free Shipping section, Enable the shipping method by choosing Yes for that. Set the Title for the free shipping on the checkout page. ...
    Save Config to finish.

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