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Magento Semi Dedicated Hosting

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    Post Magento Semi Dedicated Hosting

    Semi Dedicated Hosting

    Our semi dedicated servers use higher class hardware. It gives you 25% faster loading speed than our shared hosting service and up to 4 times faster performaance than the industry standard. They also accommodate fewer websites and thus provide you with a generous fraction of the server resources on a price much lower than dedicated solutions. When your website just needs more this is the best option. To make it even better for people whose whole business depends on the website performance we have added some special e-commerce features too!

    Fast and furious server architecture

    Semi-dedicated server architecture is focused on speed and uses some of the most amazing technology available: RAID10, SAS hard drives, MySQL on SSD (solid-state drive), 24 CPU cores, etc.

    Less users, more resources

    Limited number of users are hosted on each Semi-Dedicated server and they can use up to 5 times more resource than standard shared hosting users.

    Multiple Geographic Locations

    We offer you 3 data center locations for the best website speed for visitors from USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region and a network of 23 CloudFlare CDN server locations around the world.

    Higher service level: Priority support + daily backup

    Issues reported by our Semi Dedicated users are resolved with priority. Semi Dedicated accounts are also backed up daily for the best protection of the website data.

    E-commerce ready: PCI compliant + free SSL

    Our Semi Dedicated servers are PCI compliant and we provide you with a private SSL certificate free of charge for the first year. Thus you can collect online payments safely and easily.

    Welcome any comment for our service, we are happy to hear from you to improve the quality time by time

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    It 's really nice solution for medium magento shop. Thanks.

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    How much traffic on my site to get the resource need to move to semi dedicated hosting like this? How much views/day?

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    I am using plus package with 5 magento sites and 3 wordpress sites. Recently one of my magento site reach to 10k views/day and then after 2 days I got a notify from Siteground to upgrade to semi package. It 's fair enough since my sites got too much traffic. The upgrade process is quite easy and no down time.

    Quote Originally Posted by frerika View Post
    How much traffic on my site to get the resource need to move to semi dedicated hosting like this? How much views/day?

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