Welcome to SiteGround

Thanks for you time to visit our service area and here is some information about us:

We have:

  • Over 9 years professional experience in the IT industry
  • A rich and constantly-growing portfolio of web hosting services
  • Accommodating more than 250 000 domains and counting
  • Profound technical expertise and in-house technology investments
  • Over 1100 servers in one of the most innovative data centers

Our Datacenter

Our servers are located in the most advanced datacenters in USA, Europe and Singapore.

  • Advanced redundancy and physical security
  • Unique procedures for faster issue resolution
  • Unmatched server management software

Our services

We invest the leading hardware and the best magento team to work on server and hosting for support best for Magento in the affordable price. We are happy to bring all of our services to you:

  • Magento Hosting package : this is optimized hosting enough to get your magento run well, to get started with magento this is the perfect option for you before you invest a lot of money for your site for higher package.
  • Magento Semi Dedicated Hosting: when you site growth with a lot of traffic, to get your site work better with 2 times, 3 times or 4 times CPU processing then this is good choice for you to get your site run fast.
  • Magento VPS package: we provide you the full control VPS what is configured best for magento then you don't have to take care any server stuffs for your site.

We provider the support 24/7 with Magento guys expert and you don't have to worry any thing about server stuffs. When you use these services, they are all configured optimized performance for magento with all of update when magento update new features.

Our Team

Put a face to the name - meet the people behind the SiteGround brand.

  • A steady growth in terms of scale, employees and offices
  • Technical expertise and in-house technology investments
  • Unmatched quality of multi-level customer service

Contact Us

If you need more information about our company and services feel free to contact us.

Call our toll free line: 1.866.605.2484

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