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70 conversion optimization tips for a Magento shop

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    Start / Home Site Optimization

    1. Show your bestsellers on home page

      You can find your bestsellers at Magento Backend: Reports->Products->Bestsellers

    1. Offer more than an order button

      Not every customer likes to do an online purchase, often older customers, which mostly do not trust the internet, like to do there purchase by phone, fax or mail.
    2. Show a video of your company on your home page

      Trust is a very big aspect, which turns a visitor into a shopper. Showing your company, your team and how you work, helps to get a higher trust. Creating a nice video is not expensive and takes only some hours.
    3. Localize your Magento shop to specific countries

      When you sale products international, make sure that your customers understand, that you offer an international shipping. For this you can use an identification by IP and redirect them to a storeview in their language. For example, an US customer with a US IP goes to

      Navigation Optimization
    4. Category structures

      The number of categories should correspond with your inventory. We only recommend to create a category, when you have a minimum of 20 products in it. Also you should try to have as less as possible sub categories. Too much categories can confuse the visitor.
    5. Sort category structure by popularity

      Categories with a higher popularity should be on top! You can use google analytics to find best clicked categories.
    6. Create categories names based on what people are searching for

      To find the best category names, you can use names which your customers are searching for.

      Go to Standard Reporting-> Content-> Site Search -> Search Terms

      A good alternative could be to do a research on ebay or amazon. Keep in mind, that these platforms spend millions per year for just getting a perfect sorting and naming on their platforms.
    7. Use a Compelling Business Tag line

      Create a short text under your logo. Please note, that this business tag line gets the same attention as your logo. This line could be a summarize of the experience you are offering.
    8. USP ‘Unique Selling Points’

      A strategically presented USP helps visitors to break the „mental barrier“. A great USP can be:

      Easy Returns, Free Shipping, Price Guarantee, Risk Free Shopping or the count of Facebook likes.

      Product Search Optimization
    9. Test your search for accuracy

      Often users search for the same products in singular or plural. The search result should be the same!

      If a product is not shown in the search results as it should be, you can add product tags by hand at:

      Magento backend at: Catalog-> Tags -> „Add a new Tag“

      There you can fill in the search tag and place it to the product.
    10. Implement an intelligent search

      For shops with a big product catalog you should use a better search engine than built in Magento search. For this we recommend to use „solr“ or „elasticsearch“. Just because this is a far too complex thematic, we will write a separate article about shop search in the next weeks.

      Product Page Optimization
    11. Take only high quality product images

      The product image is the most important point on product and listing pages. The product images are the first points visitors will notice, when they are browsing your store. Products with good images will have a better conversion rate than products without images or with images in less quality.
      Pay attention to following facts which generate a better emotional response:
      - Default ( base image) should be the highest quality
      - Do not use generic stock images. Its better to take actual pictures in best with real persons using/showing your products
      - Try to show more than one image, different angles make a product more „touchable“
      - Try to design a nice photo background ( If you sale a toaster you should put some bread, fresh tomatoes and eggs in the photo background ) A tasty photo has always a higher emotional response!
    12. Product’s description

      - Dont use standard product description text from the manufactory
      - If you have a multi store, each store view should get its own description
      - Key features of the product should be appear at the beginning as paragraphs bullets
      - Try to keep natural, its the user which decides if a product will become a hype!
      - Bullet points help to make information easier to understand
      - Magento offers a short description. Often customers are in hurry, this will be the first case, where a product get customers interest. Additionally, you should pay attention to create an individual summary of the full description.
    13. Product Videos for top selling products

      Often an image cant transport the feeling of a product like a video. A video doesnt need to cost the world, you can try to create it by using your smart phone. More important is, that you stay natural!
    14. No Surprise on product page

      Often visitors leave a shop, because information is not shown correctly or is missing.
      This should be checked:
      - Price must be shown on the product page
      - Price should be shown in large, bold formatting or different colors
      - Shipping and handling price should be shown directly under the product price
      - The checkout process should be also no surprise, all information must be there, before the customer adds the product to shopping cart
      - Do not add additional cost in the checkout process
      - Show the count of product stock!
    15. Show the Product delivery time
    16. Allow to select delivery date in check out
    17. Enable “Out Of Stock”-Notification

      In best do not show products, which are out of stock.
    18. Invite customers to leave reviews for bought products
    19. Higher trust through relevant information to turn visitors into shoppers

      - Security: Let the visitor know that your magento shop is secure and that their privacy will not compromised
      - Accurate shipping & tax details
      - Offer different payment methods and show them

      - Additional information about your products, company like FAQs can help to reduce a break in check out.

      Checkout process optimization
    20. Persistent shopping shopping cart

      Customers often add products to shopping cart, but they do the checkout some days later. Here your cookie lifetime should be high enough, that the shopping shopping cart is still full, if the customer returns after some days.
    21. Make sure, that the user doesnt need to enter same information twice in checkout process

      A visitor doesnt like to spend much time for the check out. If the same information must be filled out twice, the user gets nerved and often they stop their purchase.
    22. Preserve information on a validation error

      Nobody likes to enter all information again, when a needed field was not filled.
    23. Try to reduce the needed fields ( * ) as much as possible
    24. Write example information in the needed fields ( Name: John Smith )
    25. All fields should have labels
    26. The checkout form should be linear

      For this you can find very good examples at companies like amazon, or apple shop. In this case we wouldnt recommend to try to create a complete new way of checkout process.
    27. The expected length of the input should match to the form field length
    28. Each button should be named specificly

      Additional information to your buttons can help to reduce possible irritations
      - „Continue shopping“ – add more products to shopping cart
      - „Continue checkout“ – continue the checkout and pay
    29. Offer a guest checkout
    30. Do not create an unasked customer account!
    31. Display validation errors correctly

      Often these errors are displayed at the top of the page, where the customer do not see the information.
      Its better to mark the error field.
    32. Dont complicate password selection

      We all know, that most customers do not use save passwords, but your shop is not the customers mail account! Try to make it as easy as possible.
    33. Checkout button placement

      Make sure, that the primary buttons do not confuse the user. Here you should place the button on the right or left corner, same color at the bottom of the frame.
    34. Set as much as possible checkboxes pre checked

      If you have a standard payment, or default shipping, it should be pre-checked.
    35. Redirect to shopping cart after the customer has added the product to shopping cart

      Make it as easy as possible for your customer to get to checkout. If a customer likes to buy more products, he will „continue shopping“ after he has added a product to shopping cart.
    36. Each checkout step should become a logical number; also a one step checkout

      Breaking the checkout process into steps makes it easy for the customer to fill the forms. The big benefit of different steps is, that the user can get individual information, for example about the shipping cost or delivering time.>br>
      All steps beginning at shopping cart. ( Automatically redirect after product is add to shopping cart )
      - Step 1 Register or guest checkout
      - Step 2 Shipping Information
      - Step 3 Billing information ( one click solution for copy „shipping information“ )
      - Step 4 Pre selected payment method
      - Step 5 Pay
      - Step 6 Success page with all information about the order
    37. Never surprise the customer in checkout by extra costs!
    38. The newsletter signup should be not pre checked; let the customer make his own choiceCommunication optimization
    39. Meta tags

      Write individual meta tags, in best you do this as you would create adwords commercials.
      The quality makes the difference. The time you spend for these details will help you to get a huge improvement on your online business!

    40. Check all Auto-responder emails

      Keep in mind, that these mails are the first contact to your customer. These mails help to reduce the load of work and the customer gets information about shipping or that an order was placed sucessfully! Also it helps to get a higher trust!
      You should check following things:
      - Company name and logo
      - Mail formatting
      - Support or help center
      - Your social media links like facebook
    41. Check your mail sending method

      Often mail do not arrive at the customer, because the customers mail provider marks your mails as spam. This can have different reasons, for example wrong sending method or just mistakes in mail formatting. To prevent this, you should setup a good mail provider for sending mails like Amazon „SES“ or „mail chimp“.
    42. Check each functionality: reset password, registration, or newsletter signup
    43. Order confirmation mail should contain only all information about the order

      Doing additional marketing should be done in other mails. If you put commercials in the order confirmation mail you only run the risk of confusion.
    44. Send shipped information

      This reduces questions from your customer. If you send a tracking number, they can follow online where and when the products will arrive.
    45. “Thank you”- messages and success pages

      Please keep in mind, that the difference between a physical local store and your magento shop is not this big! So you can use the chance to get a bit more interaction with your customer, this could be:
      - A request about signup in the newsletter
      - Invitation to social media sharing
      - Asking for feedback
      - Offering support
      - A discount for doing the next purchase
      - A store credit for come back
      - Adding trust points
    46. Show your social media, facebook likes or twitter followers
    47. Check each error message, 404 page, no search results page

      This pages are built by developers!
      However, often these smart guys have no idea how to communicate with customers and the messages feel a bit harsh.
    48. Your „about page“ should be an impressive page

      - share your company story
      - show people behind the company
      - maybe you like to share some facts?
      - write in your natural voice
      - it should be more than just some text
      - be authentic
    49. Support – contact – imprint pages

      Displaying a phone number, a street address and the town should be a basic! Your customer is no computer. Often a short touch by phone helps to break the emotional barrier before the customer does the purchase. Alternative options could be a live chat, email or fax.
    50. Usability testing

      Usability tests cant be done often enough. Just asking some friends and family, is often the first kind of testing, but you can also hire professional testers like
      Take care about the test results, redo tests after you have done changes!
      testing, testing, testin

      Speed optimization

      Dont let your customers wait! Every millisecond on page load time counts. High performance is not just good for getting a better SEO, its for getting a much better conversion rate. Every page should be fast as possible.
    51. JavaScript

      Reduce JavaScript as much as possible. The browser must parse the JavaScript content. Minimized amount of JavaScript lines speeds up the page load time.
    52. CSS

      Try to clean up your css, often there is a bunch of unneeded lines and rules.
    53. Combine JavaScript & CSS files

      Whenever its possible, you should try to combine js & css files.
    54. Optimize images

      Normal product images dont need to have a file size of more than 300kb per image. Unneeded information in jpg header like exif data can be deleted with tools like
    55. Combine images into CSS sprites

      Try to reduce the number of images by combine them into a sprite. A great tool to do this is:

    56. Use a CDN for your static content

      A CDN ( content deliver network ) helps to reduce the load on your server. Also the visitor gets the static content from CDN, which is the nearest to him. We can highly recommend to take amazons CDN!

      We have developed a nice tool for amazons CDN and Magento.
    57. Try to use as less as possible third party extensions for your front end

      It is not the biggest secret, that more than 98% of all third party extensions for Magento are not well developed. Often they generate a performance bottleneck, which will slow down the best servers.
    58. Take a server which can handle your Magento shop

      It will stay a dream to take a shared hosting server for a Magento shop and getting a good performance. A good solution will not cost a lot, it must be done only once right. If you have no well done server configuration it costs you new customers every day and this is expensive!
    59. Server configuration

      For this we have written a nice blog article at: If you dont like to spend weeks of work, we can offer this as service at:
    60. Performance bottlenecks by not well developed shop code

      High performance can only reached if every detail is well configured.
    61. Usage of a full page cache

      To reduce the load of the server and to speed up your Magento shop you can install a caching system like our full page cache.

      Shipping and return policy
    62. Minimize the shipping time as much as possible
    63. Tell the customer the expected date when his product will arrive or give him a tracking number
    64. Offer a selectable deliver time in checkout
    65. Write a clean and easy understandable refund policy
    66. If possible, offer a free shipping
    67. Offer different shipping companies
    68. Offer express shipping
    69. Offer a good return policy

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    Very nice post and useful for any magentor to improve magento speed.

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    Nice list there, thanks.

    Allow me to recommend a great solution to get 10 and 11 done—Searchanise.

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    This is an awesome list!
    To help on 9,10, and 11, you can use our InstantSearch+ Autocomplete Extension. It provides fast "search-as-you-type" for both products with images and queries.
    It automatically solves single, plural names, and type corrections. It is completely FREE.
    One more thing to add to the list is contextual product promotion. You can designate a specific product within a category to come up ahead of others, based on what the user is looking for. For example, you can designate a specific monitor, within a category of monitors, that will come up "On Sale", as the user looks for a monitor. All the big guys have been using this in their custom searches. To get the extension, go to

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    Makes sense i must say basically there is a huge change in the current era compare to the old one,Because of that online market needs to grow and magneto is doing pretty good towards that.This is the way how it should work and the right result comes.

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    Most of the times when we see the sort of work magento is doing i truly find it impressive because it gets hard to grow everyday which they are doing i must say.Because most of the times we get to see some really good outcome we prefer going for that thing again which is a plus.

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    nice information for magento template.

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    Very useful information is shared here. As in these days everyone wants traffic on their website, but for that you must know how to attract visitors to your store. To build a website is different story but its promotion is highly different from it. Here you can check Different Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Online Store

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    You shared here really very useful optimization tips for magento. it helps a lot.

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    The tips you shared are really great. As I can see, you didn't mention cross- and up-sells. Here is a guide on them

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    Very nice post. I am using most of them. Do you have something for how to improve the speed of the Magento store.

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    Amazing content! All these are mind blogging tips to increase the ROI of Magento store.

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    Football betting online - Cá cược bóng đá online trên M88 là một địa chỉ đáng tin cậy mà cộng đồng người chơi có thể thỏa sức đam mê của mình. Ngoài cá cược bóng đá ra thì M88 còn có Casino trực tuyến, xổ số, Slot games,... cùng nhiều thể loại trò chơi khác. Hãy tham gia ngay nhé.

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