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How To Add A Static Block To A Category Page

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    You can add static block easily with Static Block Import/Export Magento 2 extension also. You can maintain your static blocks of website easily using this. You can Import-Export your static block in CSV format from old Magento to new Magento 2 version easily. So you can edit your static block very fast.

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    By default, you’ll see a product listing on your category pages without any blocks added to it
    In order to add a static block to a category page, you need to perform the following steps
    Log into your admin panel. Go to Catalog – Manage Categories and select the category in question
    Go to the Display Settings tab. Select the Static block and products option in the Display Mode select box
    Select the static block you’d like to be displayed on the category page in the CMS Block select box. Save the category
    Reload the category page. Now you see the new block displayed on it

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