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In Last Year We have shared How Artificial Intelligence Transforming SEO & Search Engines. Today, We’re sharing 6 of our best Magento SEO tips with you to help get your Magento eCommerce site ranking for valuable keywords related to your products and product categories!

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While Magento remains one of the most powerful and robust eCommerce platforms on the web, it certainly has its downsides when it comes to organic search engine marketing and SEO. Still, Magento sites can rank very well in Google if you have the right SEO strategy behind them and compensate for Magento’s inherit SEO weaknesses.

1. Partner with a Magento SEO Company
Sure, you can handle your Magento’s site in-house or completely on your own, but you won’t maximize the platform’s ability. Magento is a great platform, but it is very technical, so we do recommend working with an SEO company that is proficient with Magento developers on hand. We recommend hiring an expert Magento SEO company that will be able to offer technically sound advice based on the nuances of Magento

2. Change your Default Settings
By default, you will want to change your “default page title” which will be used for the homepage if you haven’t set a proper title there. You can easily edit page titles for Products and Categories as well. You will want to do some keyword research and go through optimizing your most important products and categories with keyword-rich titles and meta descriptions. You can easily find where to edit products and categories within the Magento admin, simply navigate to Products > Catalog to edit product page titles, or Products -> Categories to edit category page titles.

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