Customers prefer to avail additional service that makes their life easy, even if that means paying extra bucks! As a store owner, offering such extra services contribute to improving the customer experience of the store. However, the additional cost of offering these services can't be simply added to the product price. It may generate an impression of pricey products in the market. Hence, the solution is Meetanshi's Magento 2 Extra Fee extension.

The Magento 2 Extra Fee extension allows the admin to charge extra fees for additional services like instant delivery, gift wrap, insurance, etc.

Moreover, the extension helps to increase the average order value. It helps in improving the customer experience and hence increase the brand loyalty!

Impress your customers with out of the box services that address their problems and make it easy for them to shop online, only with Meetanshi's Magento 2 Extra Fee extension.

Benefits of Choosing Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension:

• The extension facilitates to transparently charge extra fees on orders for services like gift wrap, insurance, quick delivery, etc.

• The admin can add one or more extra fees.

• The admin can select the title, fee type, and the fee amount for each fee from the admin panel.

• The admin can choose the fee type for calculation and apply on product price either as a fixed amount or a percentage of product price.

• The admin can configure a custom fee title to display on the front end.

• The extra fees are shown on the cart page, and the fee amount is displayed with the set title in the frontend.

• The customers can see the extra fees applied in their “My Account” section

• The order email sent to the customers shows the details of the extra fees.

• Option to check the extra fees under the order view section from the backend.

• It helps to boost the average order value

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