Magento 2 EMIS Online Payment Gateway by Meetanshi facilitates integrating Magento 2 with EMIS Online Payment Gateway to capture secure online payments from Angolan customers.

EMIS is the operator of the Angolan interbank network for the network of ATMs and POS terminals to carry out the automatic payments under the name of Multicaixa.

To capture online payments from the customers in Angola, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 EMIS Online Payment Gateway.

The module carries out customer authentication and accepts online payments with MCX Express.

Hence, facilitates creating a mobile payment system for the Magento 2 store customers and for Angolan customers, an online payment ecosystem.

Features of Magento 2 EMIS Online Payment Gateway:

● Facilitates integrating EMIS online payment gateway in your Magento 2 store to capture online payments securely.

● Option to set a custom title for the payment method.

● Frontend option to show EMIS logo.

● Offers sandbox mode for testing.

● Facilitates easy integration of EMIS Online Payment Gateway using Client name, Client Email, Client ID and Client Secret obtained at the time of registration.

● Option to enter the point of sale and supervisor card obtained at the time of registration.

● Facility to upload SSL certificate and SSL key.

● Offers debug mode for testing.

● Frontend option for the payment gateway to show custom instructions.

● Facility to check the payment details in “My Account” section.

● Enhanced shopping experience of the store.

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