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Magento 2 Infinite Scroll

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    Post Magento 2 Infinite Scroll

    User experience plays a vital role in eCommerce stores that can convert the users into customers. Therefore, maintaining a good user experience is important for optimum conversion rates.

    Magento 2 uses the traditional pagination method to display the products on your store which can be tedious for the users that are browsing products on your online store. In case you have plenty of products listed on the store, the users have to click the next button frequently to load the next page of products while browsing.

    This can deteriorate the product browsing experience. Some customers may even decide to leave the site bored out of their minds. The only solution to improve the product browsing experience is using infinite scroll for Magento 2.

    Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Infinite Scroll extension to make product browsing easier for the customers. Implementing infinite scroll in your Magento store can boost the user engagement of your store by keeping users on your store as long as possible.

    Enhance the product browsing experience of your Magento 2 store using the Magento 2 Infinite Scroll extension by Meetanshi. Configure the automatic product loading, set buttons, or implement a combined product loading in your Magento store.

    Make the product browsing smoother on your online store by implementing Ajax infinite scroll solution by Meetanshi.

    Features of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Extension

    ● Improve the user engagement with your products through infinite scroll in Magento 2.

    ● Lazy load functionality to reduce the product page loading time.

    ● Accelerate the customer experience of your online store through Ajax infinite scroll for Magento 2 by Meetanshi.

    ● Load the next page of products through the following methods:

    ○ Automatic

    ○ Button

    ○ Combined

    ● Option to display the page numbers above the product pages and option to choose their style from Button or Text.

    ● Add next nad previous button and customize their attributes such as label, color, color(pressed).

    ● Option to add ‘Back to Top’ button to allow the customers to directly jump to the top of the page without much efforts.

    ● Engage the customers to browse more and more products on the store through a seamless shopping experience using infinite scroll in Magento 2.

    It is never too late to work on the user experience of your online store. Implement Ajax infinite scroll in Magento 2 using Meetanshi’s extension for a smooth product browsing experience.

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    This Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 augmentation gives clients clear route and new open doors in the introduction of merchandise.

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