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Magento 2 Order Import Export

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    Default Magento 2 Order Import Export

    Data is the new currency that fuels the current digital world. Maintaining customers’ data including order data is highly important for eCommerce businesses and no business owner can afford to lose it.

    Therefore, it becomes vital for eCommerce businesses to ensure that no customers’ data is lost during migration from other eCommerce platforms or older versions. It can be tedious for the store owners to manage the orders data while migrating or upgrading the Magento stores.

    Therefore, Meetanshi has developed a Magento 2 Order Import Export extension that can successfully export and import the stores’ order data in a CSV format to make sure you never lose even a bit of data during the upgrade.

    It also facilitates the services like invoicing, memo generation, and other order-related stuff.

    Features of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Order Import Export Extension

    ● Import customers’ orders data to your Magento 2 store through CSV format.

    ● Export the order data from your Magento 2 store through a CSV file.

    ● Perform data import or export actions to a particular store view only.

    ● Automate bulk order data import or export.

    ● Generate invoices, shipping, and credit memos during the order migration.

    ● Process up to 2,000 orders per minute.

    ● Get details order import export history in a separated grid that also logs any errors, if occurred.

    Importing and exporting your customers’ order data is easier than ever with the Magento 2 Order Import Export extension by Meetanshi.

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    You simply have to follow these three basic advances.
    Stage 1: Set up import-related settings.
    Stage 2: Prepare CSV record.
    Stage 3: Load record to import.
    Stage 4: Check information and import.

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