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Magento 2 Product Tab

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    Default Magento 2 Product Tab

    Display addition information about the item you are selling using Magento 2 Product Tabs on the product page. Improve the readability of your product content by dividing it into tabs and enhance the quality of your product page.

    Displaying the product information is important for the eCommerce sites, which allows the visitors to know more about the products.

    Adding a dozen of paragraphs on the product page can degrade the customer experience and may make the product description look more tedious. Also, visitors may find long content hard to read and may leave the product page without showing any interest.

    In such a scenario, classifying the product information and showing them into tabs can help. Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Product Tabs Extension to allow the store owners create unlimited number of tabs on the product page to classify the product description content and represent it in a better way.

    Showcase everything that can boost the purchase confidence in your Magento store using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Product Tabs. Create multiple tabs, show information, cross-sell & up-sell products, and do a lot more good for your Magento 2 store using the product tabs extension.

    Features of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Product Tabs

    ● Make the product page look more attractive by using product tabs in Magento 2.

    ● Create unlimited number of product tabs in Magento product page.

    ● Enable or disable the recommended products in the product tabs.

    ● Manage, edit, and add new product tabs using the “Manage Product Tabs”.

    ● Customize the title, custom content, select applicable store views, set position, enable it for specific customers, and much more for the product tabs.

    ● Enhance the on-page experience of your product page by classifying the content into tabs.

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    Item Tab for Magento 2 is adaptable to add tab content like HTML, text, pictures, static block, and video utilizing a WYSIWYG HTML proofreader.

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