Facilitates admin to generate the product QR code images in form of JPG file based on the product attributes using Meetanshi’s Product QR Code generator for Magento 2.

Quick response code is a matrix barcode that contains data pointed to a website or a mobile app. Due to increased use of mobile devices and ease of accessing information, it has gained huge popularity.

Owing to its wide popularity, use of QR codes attracts the merchants to leverage the benefits. And so, Meetanshi has developed a Magento 2 Product QR code generator extension that generates QR code files for the store products.

Benefits of Using QR Code are as follows:

-Allows directing users to a landing page.

-Provides discounts code.

-Helps provide detailed information about products or services.

-Improves brand transparency.

-Facilitates providing user guides through QR codes.

-Allows to link the QR code to a product video.

Features of Magento 2 Product QR Code Generator extension:

-Allows generating QR codes based on product attributes using QR code generator for products in Magento 2.

-Backend option to configure the QR code attributes.

-The admin can set the size of the QR code JPG image in pixels.

-Enables admin to view the success message when the product QR code is generated.

-Allows admin to configure QR code attributes from the product edit section.

-Facilitates selecting multiple QR codes and deleting them using mass action from the grid.

-Boosts user experience with ease to access product information from the smartphones using the module.

For more information, visit : https://meetanshi.com/magento-2-prod...generator.html

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