Online shoppers may find it difficult to sometimes check the quality or appearance of the product. Such details can only be known when you check the product physically which is not possible in online shopping. To overcome this limitation, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Product Questions extension.

The module allows customers to ask questions related to the products and other customers to answer them on the product page. The admin can also add questions and answers related to the products.

Though the potential customer cannot check the product physically, other customers who have purchased it already can answer their queries about the product. A potential customer tends to trust such user generated content and product answers more than the merchant.

Also, the user generated content increases the SEO value of the product page. Hence, Magento 2 Product Questions is a must-have extension if you want to improve the sales, product page, and visibility in SERPs.

Benefits of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Product Questions extension:

• Helps the customers and admin to add question and answers for the products

• Option to set custom text for the questions tab on the product page

• Option to configure Questions settings such as...

• Customers can search for a question

• Customers can submit a question using "Question Form".

• Guests can write questions.

• Auto-approval of questions can be enabled from the frontend.

• Customers can enter the nickname while asking a question

• Make the nickname field as a mandatory one for submitting the question.

• Option to ask for their email while submitting the questions

• Make the email field as a mandatory one.

• Option to configure Answer Settings

• Customers can submit answers for the product questions using the "Answer Form".

• Guests can write answers.

• The admin can enable auto-approval of answers submitted.

• Customers can enter the nickname.

• The nickname field can be made as a mandatory one while answering the question.

• The admin can ask customers for their email while submitting the answers

• The admin has an option to make the email field as a mandatory one while answering.

• Option to enable the display of "Certified Buyer" label

• Visitors can like or dislike the answers.

• Allows the customers to report abusive, spam or false answers related to products.

• The admin can monitor the report of abusive or spam answers.

• Option to select the email sender and the template for the same.

• The admin can receive question email notification.

• Email ID and the email sender as well as the template can be selected for the question notifications.

• Option to allow or disallow answer email notifications for the customers and select the email sender and template for such emails.

• The admin can receive answer email notifications and set the email ID for the same.

• Option to select the email sender and template for admin's answer email notifications.

• The admin can edit the questions from the “Manage Product Questions” grid.

• From "Add New Question" button, the admin can add new question

• Option to configure the new question text, set its status, user type, and the store view before saving the question.

• Option to assign the product questions to multiple products from the backend.

• The admin can edit or approve the answers from the “Manage Product Answers” grid.

• "Add New Answer" button helps the admin to add a new answer to a question.

• Selection of question from the list for answering the question.

• Option to configure the answer text, set its status and user type, enter the nickname and email ID to show under the product answer, and tick the anonymous and certified checkbox if required before saving the answer.

• Likes, dislikes and abuses count can be checked by the admin.

• All the questions and answers assigned to that product are displayed under the Product FAQs tab with search functionality and option to like/dislike or abuse each answer on the frontend.

• Customers can post their question with a nickname and email ID for approval.

• Other answers are displayed in a popup on click of "Read other Answers".

• Under the "My Account" section, there are lists of all the questions asked and answers posted by a registered customer.

• The "Product Questions Activity Log" grid enlists all the product question answers.

• Allows the admin to receive an email notification when a new question is submitted by the user.

• Allows the admin to receive an email notification when a new answer is submitted by the user.

• The customers also receive an email notification when an answer is posted.

• When an answer is reported as abuse, the admin receives an email notification.

• Helps to increase search engine visibility.

• Option to display extra details about the products.

• Helps to gain trust of potential customers.

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