Stripe is Australian payment gateway that allows automated direct debit from customers’ bank accounts.The only requirement is to have the bank account details of the customers.

As the popularity of the payment gateway has increased, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Stripe BECS Direct Debit that integrates Stripe BECS Direct Debit with Magento 2 Store to accept secure online payments.

This automated payment method ensures security while making online payments and offers more safety, and flexibility.

Customers have an option to choose the method for making online payment, at the checkout page. After selecting the Stripe BECS Direct Debit method, one can enter the bank accounts details and proceed with the order placement and make online payments.

Benefits of Magento 2 Stripe BECS Direct Debit Extension:

• Facilitates integration of Stripe BECS Direct Debit Payment method with Magento 2 Store.

• Offers sandbox mode.

• To integrate the payment gateway with the Magento 2 Store, use the secret key and publishable key.

• Admin can set a custom title for the automated payment method.

• Select the countries which are allowed to use the BECS Direct Debit method.

• Enables the debug option.

• Admin can display the custom information at the checkout.

• At the checkout page, after selecting the BECS Direct Debit method, the customers need to enter the bank account details which includes account holder name, account holder email and account number and click the “Place order” button.

• Customers can check their payment details under the “My Account” section.

• Admin can place order from the backend and select the BECS Direct Debit Payment and enter the bank account details for submitting the order.

• Helps in boosting online payments more securely and to have a better shopping experience.

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