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how to choose a cool minecraft server?

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    I honestly have no idea about the total number of characters in this game ( Im at 120+ and counting), but each and every character in Witcher 3 has their unique persona. Every character is memorable in their own way. The decisions one make while laying this game might change the fate of lots of characters in the game tho. The characterization of Geralt, Triss Merigold, Yennefer, Ciri, Dandelion (the narrator and a character in the game), Zolton, Prescilla, Hjalmar and everyone is top notch. There are lots of other recurring characters from Witcher 2 based on the decisions you take in Witcher 2 like Vernon Roche, Ves, Djistra etc. In additions to that there are lots of monsters to kill (yo! thats what Witchers do), and when I say lots, its literally lots. There are over 100+ types of monsters in the game.

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    Minecraft adaptation: The most dynamic servers normally update to the most recent form immediately.
    Mods: If you have a most loved mod you can't tolerate playing without, attempt to observe a server that permits its utilization.
    Online-time rate: This shows how frequently a server is on the web (in a perfect world 90%+).


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