Magento 2 Quick Contact Form lets your customers ask any question immediately while shopping and browsing your website with the help of the quick contact form.

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With the rise of the online market, businesses are moving to the web. Online stores have more benefits compared to offline stores. But with an online store there arises a communication gap between the seller and the shopper. If the customer wants to ask anything about the product and service or any other information, one-to-one communication is not possible for online businesses and the customer feels lost as they are not aware of whom to ask for the answer. To overcome this matter, MageComp has come up with a Quick Contact Form module for all the Magento 2 store owners.

Quick Contact Form Extension for Magento 2 enables customers to quickly contact the store admin for any question or query with the help of a quick contact form. The quick contact form is embedded on every page of the website. The customers can immediately send a query request with attachments while they are shopping or surfing the site. Each query request is sent to the admins mailbox and backend admin dashboard, where they can view the details and revert back to the customers. The email template can be customised according to the requirement and even the background colour of the quick contact form can be changed to match with the website theme.

What are the benefits of MageComps Quick Contact Form Extension for Magento 2?

  • Customers can easily submit a query with the aid of the Magento 2 Quick Contact Form plugin.
  • The user can attach up to 5 files for submitting any query using a quick contact form.
  • Customise the look of the quick contact form as per your website theme.
  • Admin receives email notification of the customers query through this module.
  • The store admin can view full details of the customers query and can send query replies through email.
  • Option to choose email Id and email template for quick contact form queries.
  • The query information can also be viewed and managed from the Magento Admin Panel.

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