Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping offers the admin to create a custom shipping method in which the shipping rate is calculated based on the unit distance between the store’s warehouse and the customer’s shipping location.

Maintaining profitability and at the same time to decide the shipping charges becomes extremely difficult for merchants. To solve this, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping extension.

Creating a custom shipping method to calculate shipping charges based on the distance between the warehouse and the customer’s delivery location can be done using Magento 2 Distance Based shipping module.

Flat rate shipping method is provided by the default Magento 2. However, it is not reliable for every business. For the customers’ perspective, this method is unfair because the customer who live within 1 km area and the customer who live within 10 km area, both have to pay the same amount for shipping.

Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping resolves this issue. It uses Google’s Geocode API that offers the geocoding and the reverse geocoding of address.

Benefits of Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping Extension:

● Allows merchants to implement distance-based shipping rates in Magento 2 store.
● Allows setting a custom title for the shipping method.
● Allows setting a custom name for the shipping method.
● It has an option to configure a custom error message to display on the frontend.
● Using Google Map API key, it provides seamless integration of Google Geocode API for the distance calculation to apply the distance-based charges on orders.
● The module has an option to set one of the preferred distance units:
○ Kilometres
○ Meters
○ Miles
○ Yards

● Merchants need to fill the shipping amount to set shipping cost based on the from and to distance.
● There are two ways to calculate the shipping cost:
○ Fixed: Calculates and applies a fixed amount for the shipping cost.
○ Per Unit: Multiplies shipping cost with the distance per unit (Kilometer, meter, yards or miles)

● Avails the facility for admin to set the maximum distance allowed for the shipping.
● The minimum and maximum order amount can be set using this shipping method.
● The selection of countries for shipping can be managed by admin.
● It has an option to show the method only when applicable.
● The “Warehouse Manager” backend grid offers to manage the warehouses for the distance-based shipping calculation.
● The admin has the right to add a new warehouse and enable it after filling the information like street, city, country, state, and zip code.
● The customers can select the nearest warehouse from the frontend.
● At the checkout page, the distance-based shipping rate is displayed under the order summary.
● The customers are allowed to see distance-based shipping method details in their My Account section under their order view section after the order is placed.
● From the sales order view in the backend, the admin can see the location wise shipping charges.


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