The Magento 2 Wishlist REST API modulefacilitates the shoppers to add or remove products from the Wishlist which can be very helpful to mobile phone users.

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Magento is a robust stage for eCommerce with prominent characteristics. REST API is considered among the competent characteristics given by Magento 2. Yet, the default Magento 2 does not provide the Wishlist REST API feature. APIs are required to develop application software. To execute the functions of Wishlist in the mobile apps, Wishlist API is necessary. Hence, MageComp has launched the Magento 2 Wishlist REST API module to address this problem.

Magento 2 Wishlist REST API pluginenables carrying out diversely assorted functions on the wishlist which can benefit the mobile apps. The customers can swimmingly add or remove products from their wishlist by navigating to their “My Account” section. Next up, the customers can also view the list of products added. The store owner only needs to enable the plugin from the backend.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Wishlist REST API Extension for Magento 2?

  • The Module is very advantageous for stores holding mobile apps.
  • The shoppers can effortlessly add and cancel items from their wishlist from the “My Account” section using this module.
  • At the storefront, in the My Account section, the users can readily view their added wishlist products.
  • The admin is only required to enable this module from the store backend to use its features.
  • The module is accompanied by official assistance for Wishlist REST API to make the mobile apps available for wishlist features.

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