Magento 2 Auto Related Products plugin exhibits products that the buyers are attracted to based on a number of preconditions to promote larger acquisitions and boost the average order amount.

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Exhibiting those products that they are most interested in the marketing strategy which should be considered by every E-commerce store owner. The products that are visible to buyers apart from the ones they are looking at the moment are the related products. It can simplify the buying activity of consumers by receiving the commodities against them that they are seeking for. Similar products accommodate to present the outcomes that the consumers are in the dark about but desire to purchase. It boosts store purchases and retains the consumers for a longer period on a page.

Default Magento renders the ability to display relevant products but with conditions. It doesnt provide the admins, capability to set a customized set of rules to show relevant products to them. This directs to inappropriate and wrong advice that affects the user experience. As an alternative, consumers demand to laboriously add relevant goods for an item. To eradicate this problem, MageComp has launched the Magento 2 Auto Related Products module.

Magento 2 Auto Related Products module enables the store admin to present related goods to consumers with a set of conditions that can be customized for use. The module provides the flexibility to place the related products block at the preferred position and at the chosen pages. Also, setting a style as a slider or in a grid form is possible for the related products block. Easy management is possible for the module from the store backend.

What are the benefits of MageComps Auto Related Products Extension for Magento 2?

  • Represent customized products block on various pages which are relevant to the users interest.
  • Manage the location of the auto-related goods section.
  • Setting a style of the related products is also possible with the integration of this plugin.
  • Set any number of rules to showcase auto-related commodities to the users.
  • Raise up purchases by presenting to customers with everything they need.

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