Magento is one of the most trusted eCommerce platforms, powering about 3 million websites worldwide. Facing some tough competition from the second-largest eCommerce platform Shopify, it was expected that it would lose its enormous market share. However, Magento statistics for 2021 show it didnt affect its market value. In fact, it increased to 13% in 2020 from 9% in 2019.

Magento is an open-source technology and is ideal for setting up small to big eCommerce stores. It also gives scalability to the enterprises to bring reforms in their operations and continue to dominate their competition. It is the reason for which brands such as Nike, Ford, Coco-Cola, Olympus, etc., have trust in it.

If you are also looking forward to joining the league, read this blog to know about Magento pricing and what should be your ideal budget for building a Magento-powered eCommerce store:

Magento comes in two major variants:

  • Community Edition:

The community edition of Magento is completely free; you just have to download and install it, then you can set up a Magento store. You have options available to customize the store as per your requirements.

  • Enterprise Edition:

The paid edition of Magento, the enterprise edition, comes with tools and features needed to run a complex eCommerce store. Businesses with multiple stack-holders and a huge budget for technology go for. It is usually preferred by large enterprises. The starting price of Magento is $22,000.

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