Top Magento 2 Login as Customer extensions from many the Login as Customer extensions in the market as gotten from Mageplaza Ranking which is utilizing Mageplaza scores, rating audits, query items, social measurements.

1. Magento 2 Login as Customer by Mageplaza

This is an extension which offers the store administrators the capacity to get to the records of customers. This could assists the proprietors with dealing with every one of the customers' records better.

  • Permit recording all login activities
  • Permit administrator to get to customer's record easily
  • Permit sending out login information to CSV and Excel XML documents
  • Customers are upheld to alter their records' data
  • Help oversee and following all login activity

2. Login as Customer by Codecanyon

Nwdthemes Login As Customer for Magento 2 empowers store administrators login as customers to give them the backings immediately. By utilizing this module, administrators can assist clients with their orders, find and add items to shopping basket, or assist the checkout cycle.

  • Permit administrators to sign in as customers structure customer posting and alter structure pages
  • Empower/Disable the consent to sign in as customers for specific administrator jobs
  • Select the pages to be diverted when signing in as customer
  • Turn on/off the login as customers work
  • Permit logging administrator login as customer meetings and pages visited

3. Magezon Login As Customer

Magento 2 Login As Customer by Magezon permits the store administrators to login to customers' records to perform activities for the benefit of customers to tackle issues identified with purchasing and orders rapidly.

  • Login as customer rapidly with a single tick
  • Track and record all login activities
  • Breaking point login authorization to sub-administrators

4. LandofCoder Login As Customer

Magento 2 Login As Customer via LandOfCoder furnishes the store administrators with the capacity to login to their customers' records to deal with the issues that contrarily influence customers' shopping experience.

  • Permit administrators to all issues identified with My Account
  • Perform test and distinguish issues from the back-end
  • Protect customers' data and passwords
  • Further develop customer backing and shopping experience

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