It's implied that everybody has a list of things to get. With regards to e-business organizations, the lists of things to get are viewed as a helpful instrument to further develop client encounters just as upgrade transformation rates.

To make incredible accommodation for clients to add their most loved things to a list of things to get, Magento 2 AJAX Cart is distributed with some feature capacities. Notwithstanding AJAX Add to list of things to get, the high level extension brings a speedy view through spring up and energetic liveliness impacts. Additionally, click here to see the best approach to arrange AJAX Add to Compare in Magento 2.

Ajax - What it is
The new technology of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML comes to Magento 2 with the aim of creating better, faster, and more interactive web applications. Consequently, this advanced technology helps reduce the time period on network load.

Why use the AJAX add to wishlist?
When clients shop online, their demands for product comparison before checkout steps are possible. Customers would like to quickly compare the goods features without being redirected to other pages. In fact, some of them are disturbed or feel inconvenient when having to wait so long for loading such new sites as Product Detail Page or View Cart Page. This is the reason why equipping a system of AJAX Cart on your Magento 2 store is really crucial. Also, the notable functions of quick preview pop-up and lively animation effects will deeply impress and attract clients.

Benefits of the AJAX add to wishlist
AJAX Add to wishlist offers some essential benefits to both stores and customers:

  • No more page reloads: The Mageplaza AJAX Cart extension helps customers save time by putting items on a wishlist without navigating to product pages.
  • Improve shopping experiences: Users can continue shopping without any interruption when picking favored goods, thus their experiences and satisfaction are improved remarkably.
  • Boost conversion rate: The smooth process of product comparison can help consumers make their purchasing decision faster. As a result, online stores easily convert more customers and gain more profits.
  • Make stores websites more professional: The convenience in shopping absolutely impresses purchasers and creates a professional image for stores.

How to configure Ajax add to wishlist in magento 2? Read here.

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