Most probably there is more than 70% shopping cart abandonment rate in any e-commerce store that elaborates that from 10 customers approximately 7 customers leave their carts without purchasing a single product which they have chosen or picked. Mainly there is very little chance for this type of customers to visit again and continue with the purchase of their chosen products. Hence due to these difficulties, all the online store owners were having huge losses in their businesses. To help all the online store owners from this difficulty MageComp has launched Abandoned Cart Suite Extension for Magento 2 stores.

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Abandoned Cart Suite for Magento 2 by MageComp helps the store owner to remind/recall the abandoned/neglected carts of their customers by offering discount vouchers via sending Emails, SMS or WhatsApp Notifications. Using the Abandoned Cart extension the store owner can effortlessly send reminders to their store customers who have neglected purchasing their selected products in the cart of your store. The store owner can increase CTR by sending discount vouchers via email, SMS, or WhatsApp notification. Store owners can easily customize the email templates as per their desire. There is also a featured section to resend emails at particular time periods. The extension helps the store owner to display the featured popup on the cart page for sending the discount vouchers to the customers. The store owner can also create short and noticeable links from the backend of the store.

What are the benefits of MageComps Abandoned Cart Suite Extension for Magento 2?

● Easily send Abandoned Cart Notifications.
● Admin can examine the campaign's performance analysis.
● Seamless resending at particular time periods.
● Straight forward customization of email templates.
● Get better CTR by offering the discount voucher in the attachment.
● Send and examine the test emails without any difficulty.
● Featured display popup on cart page to send discount vouchers to customers.

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