Are you looking for Magento multi-vendor marketplace for your business? We are living in the exploding era of a digital revolution. Everyone now has a smartphone to use. Demand increased, special requirements on purchases increased. Therefore, multivendor marketplace companies have been born and received a lot of success, such as Amazone, Lazada, 1688, Alibaba, ... Let’s learn more about a multi-vendor marketplace to know why there is that growth.

Growing of Multi-vendor marketplace
You can imagine a multivendor marketplace basically is a market fair, where many salespeople gather and selling their product. Buyers will come in and walking around the market to find what suitable for them. Multi vendors can sell products to the customers, receive payment, and can ship the product to the customer. Every vendor has their own separate store and customers can directly visit any of their favorite stores. After research, 2018 has an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online (Statista, 2018) and global e-retail sales amounted to $2.8 trillion. Projections show that global e-retail sales are going to grow to up to $4.8 trillion by 2021. It means eCommerce is overwhelming grown and everyone is looking for a place to put their product online. That’s the reason why you should invest in Multi-Vendor Marketplace. So what is a multi-vendor marketplace? Follow the below next part.
What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?
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