For any online store, order management and order processing are very important to build better relationships with the customers and gain trust. The owners face many problems to manage orders and maintain the order related database. To keep the order details secure, store owners keep on changing the order number.

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Default Magento 2 provides a facility to manage order numbers. What if you want a custom order string to handle orders of your store? Custom Order Number Extension for Magento 2 allows users to set a custom format for order numbers. With custom order numbers the store owner can effortlessly manage their databases. The admin can set prefix and postfix for the order numbers. The module permits the store owners to set custom order numbers for the invoice, shipment, order, and credit memo IDs. It becomes easy for store owners to easily identify the orders and difficult for customers and competitors thus providing the security of order details.

What are the benefits of using MageComp’s Custom Order Number Extension for Magento 2?

● Allows adding custom Prefix and Postfix to order numbers.
● Set custom patterns and syntax for order numbering.
● Enables security of data using a custom format of numbers.
● Custom numbers for Order, Shipment, Invoice, and Credit Memo.
● Easy and simple management of Order numbers.

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