Sometimes, original products available in Magento 2 stores are not enough to satisfy the requirements of the customers. Rather, they required them to customize, modify, personalize or negotiated the prices for bulk purchase before order placement. In such cases, store owners are required to get customers requirements, analyze them, negotiate, prepare products accordingly and deliver back to the customers. This whole process needs proper system implementation and Email Quote Pro is the perfect match for the same.

Magento 2 Email Quote Pro extension by MageComp, store owners can get the product requirements from customers, prepare the products accordingly and send the order quotes in an Email back to customers. Thus, the extension reduces the time to understand the custom requirements of the customers, makes a significant impact on them, provides a better shopping experience.

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Why Choose Email Quote Pro extension by MageComp:

  1. Set button label for the Email Quote in frontend.
  2. Set Email ID on which admin wants to get a quote and select template to get customers product cart into Email.
  3. Customers can select custom options, quantity and click on the button to fill in the details and Email Quote to admin.
  4. Once submitted by customers, admin gets the whole cart with selected product options in Email and also the details get saved in backend in a separate grid.
  5. Customers receive thanks Email immediately after submitting a quote from the frontend.
  6. Create orders with products from backend and send order quotes in Emails to customers.
  7. Admin can also apply coupon codes directly while creating quotes from backend.
  8. Admin can make use of the custom price feature while creating quotes from backend.
  9. Customers get Emails with the products already added to cart and they can directly checkout to place the order.
  10. Option for admin to edit created Email Quotes from backend and send them back to the customers from a separate grid named "Email Quote Statistics".

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