Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2 offers a physical pickup shipping option to customers to collect their orders from several physical stores available.

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While ordering any product online, the customer is restless about getting the product in their hands soon. Sometimes the customers cannot wait till the product is shipped and received. The shipment and delivery process is a bit longer as it involves packaging, shipment, and delivery. And it also implies a shipping fee that the customer will never like to opt for if they have a physical store near their residence. To overcome this, MageComp has established Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2.

Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2 enables the customers to select a physical pickup shipping method from the multiple stores available. Integrating the extension will let customers pick up their orders from your store. The seller is relaxed with the shipment process for the orders that have a store pickup shipping method. The admin can effortlessly configure locations for store pickup from the backend. The extension also provides the option to add multiple countries for store pickup. The admin can set a custom title for store pickup and a custom error message if the store pickup option is not available.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2?

● Permit your customers to visit your store and collect their orders.
● Option to add details and charge shipping fees if required.
● Admin can select countries to offer store pickup options.
● Set a custom title and custom message for unavailability of store pickup option.
● Charge shipping charges on the basis of percentage and fixed if required.
● Admin option to add store pickup locations from the backend.

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