MageComp's Magento 2 WebP Image Support Extension is capable of supporting the image type of default Magento with the help of Google's WebP file format images.

● Modern support of Product page image, category page and CMS page
● Compatible with more than one browser.
● The intensified support for WebP Image of your Store.
● Boost up your website performance.

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In this trending world with developing technologies the classic file formats of an image are .jpg and .png were developed before many years. In replacement of this Google has developed a new generation file format namely WebP for images. More powerful and productive image quality even after the compression of the image. With the help of WebP image format the images that are huge in size can be compressed and uploaded to the website which will help in the speed loading of the website.

Magento 2 WebP Image Support Extension by MageComp offers the Magento 2 store owner to effortlessly upload WebP images from the backend. Featured module equally helps in boosting the performance of the store and improves the user experience. Any quality images whether it is a low-quality image or high-quality image intensified support is added of WebP for the product pages. Category image pages achieve advanced support and also persistent upload support for the CMS pages and Static Blocks. Featured TinyMCE Wysiwyg Editor for more quick and powerful support.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Magento 2 WebP Image Support?

● Personalize support for CMS page, Product page image and Category page.
● The WebP Image Support is equally compatible with multiple browsers.
● Achieve better SEO ranking.
● It helps to boost your website loading speed.
● The standard format used is WebP defined by google.

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