GitHub a well-known web-based platform for software developers utilized in collaboration and version-control of programming resources. It is generally utilized for the sharing of code between the developers. The majority of Software companies and IT firms are using it for project management. It can also be defined as a social networking website.

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Automated code scanning feature:
GitHub recently launched the Automated code scanning feature on 01 Oct 2020 for all the GitHub users including the paid as well as the free users. According to GitHub, the latest Code Scanning feature will be working on preventing all the vulnerabilities before reaching the production by deeply inspecting each and every vulnerable code, commit, pull request immediately after it is created. The decent part is like there is 0 human input in performing the Code Scanning, which is far better than manual efforts and makes the process faster.

After recognizing all the vulnerabilities the tool will notify or reach the developer specifically for revising the code or change the code.

Are you all wondering how it works? Let me elaborate on that. The code scanning works by utilizing the CodeQL, it is a tech mechanism which is integrated by GitHub that helps in analyzing the codes. Basically, CodeQL refers to code query language it is a comprehensive language that permits the developers to define rules to identify the various versions of the similar security defect throughout the code directory.

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