What is Redis?
Mainly, we can say that redis is an in-memory data structure store. It is well known because its a high-performance database and its open source. It is very prevailing within the Magento Developers🧑‍💻. And there are lots of applications that use redis directly or indirectly.

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Why is Redis Fast?
Here, redis utilizes the memory to store the data. The whole data set means the Memcached is stored in-memory that means it is exceedingly fast. According to all the performances, we can conclude that redis is a remarkable selection if you need an exceedingly scalable data storage that is collectively shared by more than one process or multiple servers.

Steps to Setup Redis for Magento 2 on EC2 server📡: https://magecomp.com/blog/setup-redi...on-ec2-server/

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