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Living with friends means all fun, sharing of bills, your freedom and independence, and lot's of crazy stuffs, but their comes the responsibility for yourself and for your goals. We all love our friends, may very well aware from their habits and if some of their habits annoy you and irritate you then you should consider your decision. Moving in with your friends is also putting your friendship at risk, so give a thought before you take decision. So here are some strategies and points from Packers and Movers Chennai you should think on before taking the decision.

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What you will get from moving in?

Being yourself moving in with someone you know from a long time means you don't have to pretend you can be yourself freely, you can show your emotion without faking the fake smile.

You have your support you won't feel lonely and alone with your buddy they will be with you whenever you need them. There is someone whom you can share your pain, sadness, joy, problems, success and can expect the genuine solution. You can easily trust them.

No risk you don't need to go for background check for them, because you know them already who they are and what they do and may be well aware from their past. Your friends won't harm you in anyway won’t lie or steal. You can enjoy your space comfortably and safely. Just like that you also don't won't risk during move and for securing that avail Packers and Movers Insurance services.

Sharing chores and bills, you both will be able to save more money as the bill of rent, electricity and other common household expenses will be divided between you. Decide who will do what chores, like how ill dust, who will do dishes, or wanna go for maid or as you know each other you can decide calmly who will do what.

What you will deprive from after move in?

Accepting the differences, seeing your friend as they are can be difficult to accept when you will start living together the annoying thing which you have to bear for 1 hr now you have to face it 24/7 that's sometime doesn't work.

Invasion in privacy, being together all the time is sometime indigestible, you will need your own space, you don't wanna party bit your friend, do you want your other pals to come over for hangout but your roommate don't think it's a good idea, they may want to meet your better half you don't want to introduce them and vice versa. Are finding a safe place for storing your documents and other belongings don't worry get it done, talk to Packers And Movers Chennai to Bangalore for their storage and warehousing services.

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Your roommate is your friend that creates some limit and awkwardness you can't draw a line more straightforwardly you can't tell them to not use your perfume, eat your leftovers, your things, you can't tell them to stop doing mischiefs which you should to do together.

If you don't wanna ruin your friendship discuss below point's:

Discuss about money: ya bringing it in between your bond is difficult but it's necessary if you want to live together peacefully discuss with your friends about their spending habits and monthly budget before signing the lease. Discuss how you will split the bill and what you both should do when one is facing financial problems. Before storing your goods in storage unit read out Packers and Movers guide on their website to know how to store and what you can store in storage unit

Set standard and rules: set some cleaning standard for all of you, no dishes lying on the sink, no cloths on the floor, no smoking session inside. Make a list of chores and divide it accordingly you can even rotate the job or can stick to the specific one, you can discuss your daily schedules and can prepare chores job chart accordingly.

Yes or no for sharing things: how you both will share appliances and refrigerator, do you prefer sharing clothes and accessories, if you like something before trying it asks for permission. Don't forget to talk about food sharing too will you two go together for grocery shopping or separately. Make sure when you decided to share something don't back step.

How you will use your shared spaces: you will be sharing almost everything kitchen, bathroom, living room, couch extra so need to set up some rules for using these common areas. Talk about how to decorate them, what to do and not to do in the common space, to avoid fights its must to set some boundaries. Local Packers and Movers Chennai also provide shared vehicle services which are good and cost saving in case you have less goods to relocate.

What to expect: tell about your routine, your schedule and your preferences, make sure you both know what the other person working hour and time to wake up, what temperature they like, morning and night routine, so you both can match up and don't clash over such things afterwards.

Problem handling policy: fights are normal if you know how to handle it, so find a solution for how to handle the problem it can be by venting out the frustration openly talk what you don't like, ya it's not easy to bring out the issue in front of friend but it's better than creating any serious problem. Don't worry secure your last minute move by availing experienced Packers And Movers Aynavaram Chennai services

Make quest policy: make agreement how often friend and relatives can visit and can stay for how long. Who can stay in your apartment when on is out OD town. Set smoking and drinking rules, how often you people can organize party. Is your partner significant is allowed if yes then how long and often.

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