Cyber attack is getting more complicated these days. They can greatly damage your business, reputation, reduce your revenue as well as customer satisfaction. Therefore, to protect you and your customers from hackers, you mustnt forget website security. This is the crucial for every website nowadays. Luckily, in this guideline, we will deliver you some information about website security and how to use it.

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How to keep your website safe?

So now we all know web security is crucial and beneficial to both business and customers. But how can you implement it to your website? We will deliver you some tips to keep your website safe

Security framework
First, we need to understand security framework. It can reduce risk for every business. In simple terms, security framework is the foundation of your website security. There are 5 main part of it, including Identify, protect, detect, response and recover.

In this step, you will need to review and protect all the assets as well as document of your website.

There are many ways for you to carry out this step. For example, training employees. However, when it comes to e commerce, its best to set up website application firewalls. Also, you can seek help from professional to best protect your online shop

There always someone trying to hack your website. Thus, you always have to stay alert. You can implement tools to detect malicious code or actions. Here are some tools you can utilize for better protection

SSL Certificates
DNS Records
Web server configuration
file integrity
No matter how much you try, there will always be problems. When that happens, you need to respond as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

The final step is recovering. You need to fix your broken website after cyberattack. Moreover, you have to find out what happened, what the flaws are. These information can help prevent future attack

Tips to secure your website
Now, we will deliver you some tips to keep your website safe

Use SSL Certificate
This is one of the best way to increase your web security. Moreover, SSL Certificates can help remove your site from Google blacklist. If you want to know more about SSL Certificates, click here

Use strong password
Website security rely a lot on your security posture. Thus, to protect your website, using strong password is a simple, yet effective ways. Here are some categories of setting up strong password

Change your password constantly: We recommend change your password every 6 months. Also, dont reuse your password.
Use long password. Pass code having more 12 characters will be more secure.
Include special letters in your password. Also, you can capitalize some characters in your password as well
Constant update
Outdated software often doesnt get many support. As a result, website using old software will be more vulnerable and easy for hackers to attack. Therefore, you should constantly update your website for best protection

Use two- factor authorization
Here is one of the most common web security. When you login on a strange device, the system will record this strange action and send notification to a trusted device. Then, you will have to confirm this registration is you. Otherwise, it will block that registration.

Use many site to manage multiple servers
We cant deny the comfort of managing all server with only one admin site. However, this is a great way for hacker to steal your information on all your site as well. Hackers can break in all your sites at the same time. As a result, you want to use many servers to manage different site to avoid cross-site contamination

Limit user access
First, hackers might not target your website code, but your users, such as your employees. For example, if your workers visit a malicious website, this can result in leaking your information.

Moreover, many users at the same time can affect registration process. Hackers then can take advantage of this and break into your website

Avoid using one email for all
You can increase web security by using different emails for different purposes, such as Facebook account and website account. Otherwise, hackers can hack into only one account then easily go to every your accounts

Avoid publishing your information
Try your best not to publish your information such as email or phone number. Otherwise, spammers can easily target you.

In conclusion
Now you know some basic information and the importance of website security. However, to best protect your website from unwanted invasion, we strongly recommend calling ArrowHitech.

ArrowHitech is the leading outsourcing IT company in Vietnam. With more than 12 years in e commerce, we surely deliver you the best service, from consulting to developing website. Working with our developers, your website security will improve to the next level. Moreover, we also sell and develop Shopify themes and Shopify apps to create your dream online shop.

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