The client is like a small child. We have to satisfy all the needs of our clients. Developers should take care of all the requirements of the client’s demands. For that, I am going to illustrate to you all how to Get Product Collection by Category ID in Magento 2. In this rapid development in the online business, there are mandatory features required like a product collection option with various filters applied to it. Else the products are filtered on the basis of its category.

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With the help of this article you can easily get the product collection with all the information like product price, name, etc. by using the category ID. For your illustration visit Magento 2 Extensions where I have implemented

Steps to Get Product Collection by Category ID in Magento 2:
Method 1: Using Class
Create one block file on our custom extension
add Blockname.php in the following path


now add following code

more detail:

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